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The History of Aviation

The History of Aviation
By Luis J. Cruz
We are watching short films in our modest space, in order to select those that will be shown in one of the editions of Cinefiesta.
We have invited a prominent political figure (once a strong candidate for the governorship of Puerto Rico) who in his university years, toyed with the idea of becoming a filmmaker.
We explain the selection process and the criteria used by the committee and watch, in almost religious silence, «The History of Aviation» by hungarian film maker Balint Kenyeres.
Our guest is without words, and deeply moved by the story and the sublime technique of Kenyeres.
We, lovers of hungarian cinema since Mario Rodríguez Aleman showed films like «People of the Mountains» a 1942 piece by Istvan Szots, at the Cinemateca at the University of Havana, have followed not only the heroic political saga of the hungarian people, but the development of its spectacular film production.
Currently not to many countries can show a trilogy equal to the one formed by the master Bela Tarr (The Turin Horse, Jury Grand Prix, Berlin)) and his younger colleagues Laszlo Nemes (Oscar winner «Son of Saul») and Ildiko Enyedi (Oscar Nominee and Golden Bear winner in Berlin, «On body and Soul»).
«The history of aviation» did not win a prize in our Festival (a black eye for the members of our jury) but continue to be the standard by which we measure the quality of our selections.
Here it is for your enjoyment; hope you like it as much as we do.

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